Destination Russia

Destination Russia

We’re heading for Moscow again. For the 15th time. With a huge amount of commitment and just as much enthusiasm because, in that time, the Salone del Mobile.Milano has not just got itself known but it has also grown, it has disseminated the art of “Italian know-how” and has revolutionised the tastes of a nation which is keener than ever on quality products, from classic pieces to design and luxury goods.

How has the sense of design and furnishing changed over the years? No longer just (or not just) extreme luxury and “Baroque.” The new generations of architects, designers and clients today are looking at the cross-pollution of styles, paying attention to detail, they are projected into the future without, however, abandoning the fascination of the past. Spaces have become lighter, younger and more modern to better enhance the ancient finishes and unique characteristics of buildings that are often traditional. Contemporary and traditional make for an extremely sought-after surprise effect. Thus the panoply of styles increases: ranging from the classic – with monochrome, neutral interiors, symmetrical designs, luxury materials, mouldings and facings for furniture frames and gilded decorations that confer a soft glow on interiors and a touch of glamour – à la modern European – without a surfeit of details or decorative elements, but with simple design shapes and contemporary palettes that set up interesting plays of light and shadow - to minimalism, whether functional or emotional – combinations of sober, ascetic yet comfortable spaces, and recherché and sophisticated details, with harmonious furnishing materials and colourways that underscore functionality and comfort - to quite the opposite, an eclectic mood synonymous with freedom and creativity – with lots of design, lots of colour, where tradition and innovation, technology and craftsmanship come together.

The goods on offer at the Salone del Mobile.Milano Moscow 2019 will cater to all these different tastes. Under the spotlight: living and sleeping areas with generous chairs and beds, comfortable shapes and soft textures – thanks to velvet, leather and silk – in colours ranging from white to the denser, deeper tones such as those channelled by Cornelio Cappellini, Giorgio Collection, Diesel, Fendi, Flou, Minotti, Missoni, Tumidei, Turri and Twils; tables and day-to-night solutions in precious materials such as marble, glass, bronze, metal with copper finishes, titanium and graphite, as well as quantities of precious wood and again leather for detailing, in furnishings by Baldi, Cattelan, Elledue, Jumbo Collection, Longhi, Shake and Volpi; kitchens that straddle tradition and modernity, art and craftsmanship, like those from Astra, Cesar, Officine Gullo, Scavolini and Stosa; bespoke bathrooms that balance of excitement and functionality, colour and classic white, such as those from Antonio Lupi and Falper; decorative and designer lamps drawn from the natural world, from architecture and from art, like the lights by Contardi, Masiero, Serip, Slamp, Studio Italia Design, Swarovski and Villari; there will be also outdoor furniture from Ethimo and masses of contemporary design from Edra and Kartell.

All in all, a range of goods not simply tied into tradition but, especially, connected to the future through research into and the development of new shapes, textures, colourways, pairings and materials that will ensure that the Salone del Mobile.Milano Moscow will be a true expression of the new frontiers of Russian interior design.

Salone del Mobile.Milano Moscow

9th – 12th October 2019
Crocus Expo-2