RozaRossa in Moscow

RozaRossa in Moscow

RozaRossa is a project that effortlessly straddles the present and the past, in a stylish tribute to Moscow, the city in which it is situated. Lissoni Architettura has designed a new upscale residential and hotel complex that is clearly inspired by the art, culture, and rationalist architecture of Russia. The final design of RozaRossa, whose name was chosen by the client, is a reinterpretation of the “genius loci” – the distinctive atmosphere of the city – written in the uncompromising architectural language of Piero Lissoni.

RozaRossa will include a hotel and wellness centre, restaurants, meeting rooms, spacious interior courtyards, and a series of apartment dwellings.

Piero Lissoni uses the metaphor of music to describe RozaRossa’s facades, public areas and interior courtyards: “In my mind’s eye, the overall architecture resembles a piece of music, with each part beating to a certain rhythm and playing an important and quite specific role.”

Despite Moscow’s notoriously cold winters, lush greenery adds a perhaps romantic, but arguably artistic note to the project. The arrangement of plazas and gardens, and the landscaping as a whole, are reminiscent of the work of Kazimir Severinovich Malevich, a pioneer of geometric abstraction and the Russian avant-garde movement, and the founder of Suprematism.

Once completed, the RozaRossa complex will exude the unique essence of Moscow. Equally tangible, however, will be the mark of the great European designers and an identity that is unmistakably Italian.