SaloneSatellite Moscow Award

      SaloneSatellite Award 2019

      Each year, the SaloneSatellite Moscow Award is presented for new concepts, original designs and proposals that are the forerunners of the great products of tomorrow. The selection is entrusted to a Jury composed of sectoral professionals. At this year’s 15th edition, they include Barbara Abele, Associate Professor at the Art Academy of Latvia; Ricardo Bello Dias, architect and founder of the Bello Dias Studio; Leonardo Boni, General Manager, Baldi Home Jewels; Olga Bozhko, journalist, Interior+Design; Francesco Fresa, architect and co-founder of Piuarch; Niccolò Mazzei, Director of International Development, Edra; Francesco Meda, designer for Molteni&C|Dada; Eugenia Mikulina, CEO and Founder of; Patrizia Malfatti, Head of Communication and Press Office, Salone del Mobile.Milano; Marva Griffin, Founder and Curator of SaloneSatellite.

      The top three award-winners will be invited to the 2020 edition of SaloneSatellite, held under the umbrella of the Salone del Mobile.Milano from 21st to 26th April 2020.

      The winners

      1st Prize

      LAUMA REITERE, Latvia
      POWER MOUSE. Bag for children to carry their own infusion system. It is in the form of a hero character who converts the fluid added to it into a “power elixir”. This design solution makes the infusion system more comfortable to use, without any limitation of movement, and also acts as the child’s playmate, taking their mind off the system. The product improves the treatment process and facilitates care during illness.

      Motivation: it is design thinking for all, especially the youngest of us, solving a practical problem with a heart full of joy.

      2nd Prize

      OFF DUO, Russia
      GROW OLD TOGETHER. This design concept focuses on the benefits of intergenerational collaboration. Bringing together different generations is important, especially for the elderly and for children. Helping each other in daily routines is meaningful and useful, while bolstering cognitive function. Also, it is just fun to walk the hobby horse with Grandpa, sharing memories and creating new ones.

      Motivation: intelligent and useful designs for youngsters and the elderly.

      3rd Prize

      SHAPED BY FIRE. A collection of glass vessels with a wooden texture, reviving a Sixties technique, representing movement in time, aesthetic metamorphosis and reminiscence. The project explores material-led creative serendipity, when hot molten glass captures the tiniest details of a short-lived structure of burning wood, resulting in a unique organic surface and shape.

      Motivation: inspired by the Scandinavian tradition of wood and glass.

      Special Mention

      ABSTRACT CHAIR. Free and chaotic design. Self-expression of the user's identity through the object. Completely modifiable model with unlimited solutions. Architecture and sculpture in a subjective image. Primitivism, constructivism, Bauhaus. Communication and reflection of times through the object. Modern collectible design as a mass phenomenon.

      Motivation: wood has always been a noble and sustainable material that inspires youngster designers.